The Czech driven platform Czech Women in AI (CWAI) launched officially in fall 2020 has experienced incredible success expanding worldwide and gaining credit among both private and public sector. The initiative aims to support women in AI through creation of a powerful network, sharing best practices, inspiring women to pursue AI careers and pursuing AI awareness.

The CWAI activities are best represented by four pillars:

Promoting women in AI

Our aim is to inspire women to pursue careers in AI and AI related fields. In order to do so we organize Monthly AI Clinics. The aim of these events is not only to discuss important AI related issues but also to interconnect interested women, to show them inspirational role models, and to empower them in general by welcoming them into a friendly environment that recognizes the importance of ensuring balance, diversity and inclusion of women into the technological field. In the future we plan to open mentoring programs.

Expertise & knowledge sharing

Sharing expertise and knowledge is a prerequisite of any development. As AI is a multi-faceted phenomenon, we need to explore it from more perspectives and to align the knowledge in order to tackle challenging issues. To facilitate expertise and knowledge sharing we launched Lecture series. Moreover, we will organize special brainstorming events with the aim to come up with new ideas and initiatives.

Building a database of experts

In the section Members we publish information about Czech women – experts in AI and AI related fields (upon their consent). Hereby we facilitate the networking and talent search.

AI in education

AI can be a very powerful tool when used for educational purposes. Our aim is to share and raise awareness about the best practices in education related to the use of AI as well as methods about teaching about AI. We will organize special events focused on this topic