Lecture Series

Lecture Series in AI Law

September 2021 – November 2021

Series of 5 online lectures by Alžběta Krausová

The aim of this Lecture series is to provide the participants with main ideas related to law and artificial intelligence in several specialised lectures.

The participants will learn about how and why lawers got interested in AI, what legal topics are the most interesting, why AI ethics is important, how lawyers deal with liability for AI, which privacy issues need to be solved or who should own a copyright for AI generated works…


30 September 2021 – 17:00 to 18:30 CET

General legal and ethical questions related to AI

13 October 2021 – 17:00 to 18:30 CET

AI and liability

27 October 2021 – 17:00 to 18:30 CET

AI and privacy

10 November 2021 – 17:00 to 18:30 CET

AI and intellectual property

24 November 2021 – 17:00 to 18:30 CET

AI related legal questions in specific sectors


This lecture series is open mainly for university students and interested professional public. Lectures will be held in English.

Format of the lecture:

Each lecture will be opened by an introductory presentation. Before each lecture, students will receive questions to stimulate their thinking and brief study materials. The questions and study materials will be discussed in the second part of the lecture. We presume lively discussions and active engagement.


Registration is currently opened – please follow the instructions below. The course is free of charge. Participants will be required to provide a cover letter of maximum 200 words describing their motivation to take the course. In order to make the lectures as interactive as possible, the lecture series will be open to maximum of 20 students.

The registration will be closed on 24 September 2021. The selected participants will be notified by 27 September 2021 by 14:00 CET.

Registration for the Lecture Series in AI Law

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Please send a registration email to betty.krausova@seznam.cz – include your name, affiliation, email address for communication, information about whether you will be able to attend all lectures (if not, specify, which ones you will not be able to attend) and a cover letter of max. 200 words specifying your motivation to attend the lecture series.